Mouth Hygiene Products - 2:

Oral7® KIDS Toothpaste contains natural enzymes to help reinforce your mouth's own defence system.

  • - Natural Enzymes to help restore the mouths natural defense system
    - Flouride 1,000ppm. - Calcium
    - NO “SLS” Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (Linked to APHTHOUS/MOUTH ULCERS)
    - GREAT TASTE “Tutti Frutti”. - Natural sweetener (Xylitol)
    - FREE soft Toothbrush

Tube contents: 50ml (65g)

Oral7® Tiny Teeth
Your Babies Oral Care starts before the arrival of their Milk Teeth!

  • - Specially designed for gentle and safe oral hygiene for babies
    - Contains protective enzymes naturally found in mother’s milk
    - No fluoride, sugar, artificial colouring or detergent
    - Safe if swallowed
    - Relieves the discomfort of teething gums
    - Fingerbrush fits easily on the finger
    - Brush and massage every day to clean and maintain healthy teeth and gums

Available in 2 versions: a box with the tube alone or the tube with a free baby fingerbrush.

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